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Double Edge Safety Razor


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So it’s time to make a change. Whether you’re switching from irritating, wasteful and expensive cartridge razors, or you are already a safety razor convert and looking to upgrade, we can help. But where to start when the options seem endless?

I’ve been helping people choose safety razors for 8 years, and in that time, I’ve found several ways to make the decision simpler. If you ask yourself a few simple questions, you can cut through the noise and find yourself the perfect double-edge razor!


All of the razors we sell are of good quality and will give a great shave, but some are definitely above others. It comes down to the materials they’re made from and the work done to engineer them. Higher quality materials and extra labour mean a higher price, it’s simple economics. Interested in grabbing the cheapest option so you can see if this style of shaving is for you? Give the Feather Popular a spin; it’s an inexpensive option that still offers great quality.

Keep in mind that the cheaper the razor, the less accurate picture it’ll give you of what a safety razor can really do. Hoxton and Merkur both offer good-quality razors that can last a lifetime, most between $50-100. For the average shaver, they’re a perfect choice.

Perhaps you want something fancier? If you’re like me, you have to buy the best one right off the hop. Or, you may be upgrading from a more basic razor. Either way, Feather, Karve, Rex, and Rockwell are all amazing choices. They’re made from much harder materials that will last generations. In many cases, these higher end razors are adjustable, allowing for experimentation once you become more confident.

A good middle ground razor option are the razors from Henson Shaving. They’re Canadian-made from aircraft-grade aluminum and very well engineered. They are a new addition to our carefully curated offerings, but they bridge the gap between entry-level and expert-level safety razors perfectly.

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