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Bismi Hair oil 200ml





  1. Apply Herbal Hair Oil to the entire head and let it assimilated well to the head by rubbing thoroughly. To achieve better results, Males are advised to short the hair possibly.
  2. (It is advisable to use this Hair Oil in the evening) the wetness and sweating shall be removed by washing the head or bathing before using it. Then Males shall wait for about 01 hour and Females for about 03 hours until the head is dried well before applying the oil.
  3. Persons who are willing to have bath or wash after using the oil, advised to do same after 10 to 12 hours from the application of the oil. Therefore it is advised to apply the oil in the evening and bath in the morning to achieve Better Result
  4. While using this oil avoid concentrated soaps and shampoos at least for few months. ( Lifebuoy herbal and baby soaps are recommended.)
  5. For woman 200 ml is enough for 45-50 Days, and 100 ml is enough for 25 days. For male 200 ml is enough for 2 & half months and 100 ml is enough for 35 days
  6. You shall use this oil at least for 02 months continuously to achieve the anticipated results.
  1. Gents can apply (10 ml) a ½ table spoon of this oil. And Ladies can apply (10 ml) a ¾ table spoon for the scalp and another (10 ml) ¾ table spoon or a sufficient amount to the Hair according to the requiremnts.
  2. To achieve better results it is essential to keep the head out of sweat and wetness after applying this oil.

9. When using this Oll for Danduf, Baldness and under the age of 40 who suffers from Hair Whiteness must apply this Oll for first 5 days and Massage 5 to 7 Minutes is mandatory

Furthermore for men who should massage themselves and for women who should seek out entitled men or relative in the house and must apply this Oil and Massage 5 to 7 Minutes strongly is much better and after 5 days the dandruff goes away completely.

10. People who don’t have Baldness or Dandruff should massage only for 1 day for 5 minutes.
This Oil is best for using at night only.

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