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Seven Herbal-35ml


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even Herbal Ubtan With Sun ScreenUbtan is a “Traditional Beauty Paste” used in Sub-Continent. It is being used for centuries to improve fairness, brightness and softening of the skin. Ladies used to prepare it in their houses in old times. But now in this fast life women have no time to go through its lengthy procedure. So they were deprived of such a useful and magnificent Beauty Paste which not only cleans the skin but also makes the skin younger, smoother and softer.In 2002 Seven Herbal aimed to prepare this “Unique Pure Ubtan” and make it available for everyone. We adapted both opportunities to develop Seven Herbal Ubtan. Firstly we used same traditional methods and specific natural herbs in their pure formation to ensure the quality and same wonderful results. Secondly we used modern inventions and techniques to enhance its quality and affectivity. Thus Seven Herbal Ubtan has become a Classic Ubtan to enhance the beauty for everyone.In short Seven Herbal Ubtan is a complete beauty plan

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