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Lady Diana Sunblock Spf 40 200ml




Lady Diana’s sun block lotions and creams contain natural fruit extracts that offer deep and long lasting moisture to your skin. Lady Diana’s sun care products are non-greasy, water resistant and provide a high SPF level protection for children and adults. A light Milky Sun block lotion with a powerful sunscreen agent to protect your skin from damage by harmful UVA & UVB rays. Water and perspiration resistant. Light and Easy to use. This lotion Includes Vitamin E and aloe extract for moisturizing. That makes your outdoor life more safety and enjoyable

Benefits:Repair dry, damaged skin Gentle Exfoliating Leaves skin looking young

Removes tan and make your face more fresh and clean Brightens the skin and removes dark spots

Rejuvenate dead cells in skin make it live Make skin Texture fail and beautifully Removes Pigmentation and pimples and marks Effectively works on freckles and age spots and make your skin young 100% natural ingredients.

No side effects.

Directions:Smooth all over your body after bath, concentrating on darker spots. For best results Use regularly with Kojie san soap or Likas soap.

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