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Dr.Rashel Vitamin C private part whitening cream 80g


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Dr.Rashel Vitamin C Private Part Whitening Cream 80g

Brand – Dr.Rashel
Skin type – All skin types
Item Form – Body cream

Item Weight – 80g

Product description:

Avoid bleaching creams and costly medical treatments by using Dr.Rashel Vitamin C Private Part Whitening Cream to achieve whiter, more glowing skin. Women who suffer from intimate skin darkening are often embarrassed to wear a sleeveless top or a bikini. One bottle of this Private Part Whitening Cream is enough to solve all of your problems from the inside out. This product contains vitamin C, which benefits your skin in three ways.

  1.  Remove Melanin
    Active VC ingredients reduce the formation of melanin, drive away dull skin, lighten spots and make skin tender and shiny.
  2.  Super Penetration
    Contains high permeability VC essence which can penetrate deep into the skin, relieve dryness and remove melanin deposits.
  3. Moisturizing

Hydrates from the inside out, making skin glow and vitality, skin becomes white, tender and shiny. With this Private Part Whitening Cream it’s time to say bye to dry skin. Women can now build up their confidence and wear whatever they want. This cream removes the dullness in the underarms and restores whiteness. As above mentioned, it also moisturizes the skin and makes the skin glow. Private parts are pink and tender with Dr.Rashel Vitamin C Private Part Whitening Cream.
Worry no more and buy Dr.Rashel Vitamin C Private Part Whitening Cream for the best price in Sri Lanka.

  • Dr.Rashel Private Part Whitening Cream, instant whitening Lasts 24 hours Used of Under Arm, Bikini Parts etc.
  • Gentle on the skin, rich botanical ingredients give the skin attentive care.
  • Supplements the skin with essential moisture giving it softness and hydration.
  • Improves skin tone and moisturizes it.
  • Natural beauty skincare.
  • They gently nourish the skin, giving it a matte glow.
  • Make yourself more beautiful.
  • Give your body the charming color.
  • Increase the beauty of Private parts.
How to use:
  1. Clean the area before applying the cream.. Better after bath.
  2. Take an appropriate amount of Dr.Rashel Private Part Whitening Cream and apply it where is needed.
  3. Gently massage until the cream is absorbed into the skin.
Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C


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