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Tru Tone Hair Dye Stick-7.5g



details of Tru Tone Hair Dye Stick-Black 7.5 g

  • DEEP BLACK Lipstick shape design, ready to wear, quick temporary coloration.
  • Excellent coloring power can maintain hair color and only fades with washing.
  • This stick hair dye is a temporary hair dye ideal for touch-up and coloring hair in areas where other hair dyes cannot be used.
  • It contains a variety of nutritious ingredients that moisturizes and leaves the hair soft.
  • Contains Beeswax that forms a protective layer on the surface of the hair,
  • Features: Natural product suitable for white or gray hair, free of artificial chemicals.
  • Does not cause itching or allergies
  • For best results, use the stick on washed and dried hair.
Weight 0.2 kg

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