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Leilu hair spray-320 ml



Leilu products provide a combination of conditioning, styling, shining, and texture-enhancing ingredients. Pomade works best for short to medium length hair. Use for holding, shaping and defining your hairstyle. Pomade also allows you to have a natural look and adds texture. It’s a great product for more stylish haircuts and for that “messy” look.

How to use it

Skim a small quantity onto your fingers, then rub your fingers together and apply to your hair. Distribute evenly where molding is needed.

Main benefit
Only small quantities are needed and it really gives your hair great texture.

Main drawback
When too much is applied, it might give your hair a greasy look. In some cases, it may require multiple shampooings in order to remove pomade.


Special Features

 Helps maintain hairstyles created by wax for a super long time.

 High strength of styling holds casual hairstyle for long hours.

 Contains liquid wax ingredient for a non-stiff finish.

 Does not harden style, making restying possible.

Excellent moisture resistance; holds style on rainy days.

 Mild non-lingering citrius scent.

To Use

○ Shake can well and hold upright.

○ Spray 10 to 20 cm from hair.

○ Avoid brushing or combing hair after drying.

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