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Jovees Suncover SPF 30 50g


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Perfect for fair to medium skin-toned people spending 1-2 hours in the sun or dark-skinned people spending long hours in the sun, this quick-absorbing Sun Cover guards the skin against UVA+UVB rays and other polluting agents

  • Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer.
  • Avoid Inflammation & Redness.
  • Stop DNA Damage
    • Cleanse your face with a face wash, followed by a toner and a moisturiser.
    • Squeeze out a coin-sized amount of the product on your palm.
    • Apply all over your face and neck using small circular motions.
    • Keep a gap of 15-30 minutes between application and stepping out.
    • For best results, reapply after every 2 hours
      • Sandalwood oil,
      • Olive oil,
      • Safflower oil,
      • Aloe vera extract,
      • Chamomile extract,
      • Liquorice extract,
      • Stearic,
      • Cetostearyl,
      • Glyceryl stearate,
      • Capric caprylic triglyceride,
      • Alkyl benzoate,
      • Octyl methoxy cinnamate,
      • Benzophenone-3,
      • Zinc oxide,
      • Titanium dioxide,
      • Phenoxyethanol,
      • Parfum,
      • Purified water.
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