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Police Watches 

What do David Beckham, George Clooney, and Antonio Banderas have in common' They are men of style and substance, charismatic individuals who exude confident masculinity. Clothes and accessories do not make these men, rather, they choose styles that fit and accentuate their personalities. They wear Police watches. 

Police launched a new campaign with a competition titled, �Are Younique'� The company wanted to bring the Police brand to men and women working in everyday occupations as well as those who occupy a spotlight. Andrea Garbolino fit the bill and Police officially pronounced him the winner of the competition in September 2009. The young man is from Settimo Torinese and is the face of the company�s 2010 international photo campaign. His innate sense of style, bold good looks, and male confidence are elements that promise to make the campaign extremely successful. 

Isha Koppikar, model, animal rights activist, and actor is the official spokes person for Police watches and jewelry. The vibrant beauty is best known for her performances in Bollywood films and it is her sense of purpose and her passion that makes her the ideal icon for Police watches. 

Police watches made a timely entrance on the fashion scene in 2003. Superior materials, artisanship, and style vaulted this line of watches to the head of the fashion line. These are not cookie-cutter, flavor-of-the-month timepieces; they are fashion forward designs for individuals secure in their sense of style, confident of their place in the world. The Police brand products function beautifully and efficiently. If an individual turns up late to an event, it is by his or her own design and never a fault of their timepiece or a bow to social fashion. 

Urban warriors can easily find a Police watch to suit daytime or evening needs. For many, the watch will be one in the same for these people do not change character to fit their surroundings. The Police brand integrates smoothly and seamlessly into bold, vibrant personalities. These hard working, fast-paced individuals are not defined by their accessories; rather their accoutrements reflect their inner dedication to living life with quality, style, and honor.

Diesel Watches 

It's hard to imagine a watch style that is more bold and brave than Diesel. You could say Diesel has all the bells and whistles, but that would be an understatement. Bold design, wide bands and high tech elements make Diesel stand out in more ways than one. This watch collection is one you want to linger over and devour its uniqueness! 

Founded in 1978, the fashion brand labelled Diesel has been linked with the world of bold, cutting edge and youthful fashion design. This Italian design company was the brainchild of founder Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmeid. Their fashion background allowed the Diesel brand to grow and flourish, taking the fashion world boldly by surprise with every new product. Diesel shortly became a fashion leader with their trend setting collections of jeans, sunglasses, fragrances, shoes and the Diesel timepiece Collection. 

Today, Diesel has about 2,200 employees selling over 1.3 billion dollars worth of Diesel products annually. The largest store is located in Milan, Italy. Diesel corporate headquarters are in Molvena, northern Italy. There are 18 subsidiaries located across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company has expanded to 5000 retail outlets, including 300 Diesel-branded stores. Supervising all Diesel collections is long time Creative Director Wilbert Das. 

The way Diesel frames time is outstandingly different from other watch makers. Diesel watches fit into an active lifestyle like no other brand. Affordably priced, the Diesel watch Collection has a range from around £60 to £69. Diesel styling combines contemporary urban flair with denim casual sexiness and something to appeal to everyone. 

Diesel watches live up to the excellent and well deserved Diesel brand reputation for creativity and vivid imagination in design. There are styles for all tastes, masculine and feminine. Diesel watches are unmistakably noticeable, but beyond that, Diesel signature design watches will get you noticed immediately. 

There are many types of durable materials and high tech functions featured on Diesel watches. Many bold designs are incorporated into wide bands. Strap and bracelet materials feature silicone, leather, plastic, brushed stainless steel and patent leather for an undeniably modern look. Many are black or brown, stainless steel, silver tone or gold tone, with colours reserved for the contemporary plastics. 

Chronograph watches are scientific instruments, with all their versatile functions to keep track of everything including time. Men�s digital watches are bold and modern or smoothly classic in design. Ladies look elegant and intriguing in Diesel watch designs with leather or striking metal bracelets. For an urban look, go with stainless steel bands and bold face designs. 

Quality Italian design and exquisite workmanship make Diesel watches a work of art to many fans. There are many fashionable styles for all lifestyle tastes, no matter how urban or youthful. Diesel is often imitated, but nothing satisfies like the real Diesel. Never settle for less when a real Diesel is so affordable!

Fine Watches from Emporio Armani 

Emporio Armani: Smooth Sophistication with a Modern Touch 

Emporio Armani watches are synonymous with quality, style, and sleek sophistication. A leader among fine watch designers, Giorgio Armani has developed his popular collection of fashionable modern watches featuring styles that define sophistication while boasting a carefree contemporary look and sleek youthful lines. 

Made of the finest materials and created with an eye toward innovative designs, the Emporio Armani line is a favorite among young people seeking to convey a cool but classy urban image. From ultra sophisticated leather to icy cool stainless steel and contemporary yet classy ceramic, this popular Armani line has something for everyone who harbors that irresistible urge to satisfy the youthful fashion spirit. 

The Giorgio Armani Philosophy 

Giorgio Armani's work is guided by his personal philosophy that "a watch tells more than just time." He believes it also "reveals something about the wearer." This customer-focused philosophy has inspired some of the most distinctive creations to hit the fashion scene, making the Emporio Armani line a fashion force to be reckoned with. 

Whether highlighting his cool and casual side for a sporty, spirited outing aboard a friend's private yacht or setting off her favorite outfit and reflecting her festive mood for that dressy dinner date, the Emporio Armani collection has just the right look for every personality, mood, or occasion. No matter which style you choose, you can be confident that your Emporio Armani watch will do much more than simply tell you what time it is; it will also tell the world who you are. 

The Armani Name Means Quality and Style 

The international Italian fashion house of Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is world famous for its high-quality designer fashions and other quality product lines. Since the company opened its doors in 1975, the Armani name has graced an impressive variety of designer products and high-fashion accessories, including quality shoes and other leather goods, home interiors, jewelry, eyewear, and cosmetics. Armani labels, including Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, and Emporio Armani, bring distinctive fashion products to the world, creating beauty and enjoyment for all who appreciate quality and sophistication. 

Please browse the Watch Shop.com extensive collection of men's and women's fine Emporio Armani watches, in casual, sporty, and dressy styles, and prepare to reveal your adventurous spirit to the world.

Armani Exchange 
Armani Exchange is a part of the Armani line that was launched in the United States in 1991 as a brand focused on a younger crowd. The line is mostly known for their provocative ads and was inspired by contemporary dance music and a street-chic lifestyle. The line is known as AX, which you will notice somewhere on many of the products in this line. This exclusive line from one of the world's leading brands in the world of fashion is available in more than 175 stores across the world, and is moderately priced when compared with other name brands, despite offering a supreme level of quality. 

Armani Exchange watches exude the overall style of the brand and are available in mens and womens collections. Their watches have four basic principles around which they are built and designed, which are attitude, style, performance, and quality. 

The women's collection has over 20 selections to choose from that are the epitome of modern timepieces with a sleek look. They have a few colourful choices, with a couple of different models coming with fuchsia straps along with one that is combined with a rhinestone bezel. They have other rhinestone selections available as well, along with traditional round faces as well as stylish square faces. They offer choices of stainless steel and gold straps as well, and also have leather straps that are fashionable and comfortable. 

There are over 25 selections of men's watches that also come in a variety of colours and designs. They offer both round and square leather watches along with some colourful rubber watches. The rubber watches are available in black, yellow, orange, blue, and red. Their leather watches come in choices of black or white leather. They have choices of digital and traditional faces, and offer a variety of chronograph watches as well. The Armani Exchange mens watch collection includes some uniquely designed pieces, such as their geometric metal watch and their choices of industrial watches as well as their signature square A/X logo watch, which is also available in the womens collection. 

There is a reason why Armani is known as a fashion icon throughout the world, and their watch collection is only a small part of why they have become a standard in the fashion industry. With the choices that are available for consumers in the Armani Exchange line of watches, their reputation as a leader in their industry will only continue to flourish. For those looking for watches that can add a bit of panache to their wardrobe choices, they will need to look no further than the watches that Armani Exchange has to offer.


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